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Christmas in Ibiza


Tonight is Christmas Eve and tomorrow CHRISTMAS… What a Christmas wish!

In IBIZAGOCAR we have already been infected by the Christmas spirit and we want to infect you a little bit of this wonderful spirit so characteristic of these dates through a post where we tell you the best of Christmas in Ibiza and some recommendations on what to do in Ibiza at Christmas.

Ibiza is not only a tourist destination in summer (for which it is known worldwide), but many people decide to make a getaway to the island at Christmas and for that we tell you some of the best plans you can make on the island during your Christmas holidays.


What to see in Ibiza? - Best corners of Ibiza

The weather in Ibiza


Ibiza is one of the most famous islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It is an island belonging to the Balearic Islands on the eastern side of Spain. It is an island famous for its great nightlife and the festivities that take place, throughout the year but especially during the summer months. In summer the population of Ibiza triples and receives a great amount of tourist affluence coming from all parts of the world. Although the majority of tourism on the island of Ibiza is European.

Its privileged location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea gives it one of the best and most envied climates in the world.


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Car rental in Ibiza


If you are thinking of making a trip to Ibiza, you will know that the best means of transport to move from one side of the island to the other is a car. This way, you will be able to do all kinds of escapades, visit each one of the tourist points and take advantage of every moment. So if you are thinking about renting a car in Ibiza, here are some tips for you to choose the car that suits you best.


Jobs in Ibiza - How to survive Ibiza?

Jobs in Ibiza – How to survive Ibiza?


Finding work in Ibiza is not the problem, the complication lies in finding accommodation on the island without having to pay more than what is charged.

We do not want to paint badly and in fact, getting work in Ibiza is as simple as fishing in a pool full of fish. You just have to throw a resume in March / April and take it for granted that they will catch you.

What to see in Ibiza? Cala d'Hort

What to see in Ibiza? Cala d’Hort


For the quality of its sand, for its spaciousness, its cleanliness and its magnificent Islet Es Vedrà, Cala d’Hort is considered one of the best beaches in Ibiza.

On several occasions it has been wanted to turn Cala d’Hort into a golf course or a complex of coastal hotels. However, the people of Ibiza are very activist and prevented their exploitation, turning the beach into a natural park because of its great environmental value.

Holiday Ibiza 2017

Holiday Ibiza 2017


Who has been this year in Ibiza knows that the 2016 has been very good in what has referred to parties. Every year it raises the bar and 2017 brings surprises.

In Ibiza it maintains the premise of always improving the parties every year and that is why people come and repeat. Because every year, the organizers are more ambitious hiring lighting, DJ’s, beautiful girls and performance of all kinds. In addition, there is a sort of secret competition by all the discos to try to be the best disco in Ibiza.