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20 ways to rent a cheap car in Ibiza

20 ways to rent a cheap car in Ibiza

So bad is to get into the sea without knowing how to swim, how bad it is to rent a car without knowing anything about a “rent a car”. Today we give you a few simple tricks.

1 Book always in advance.

Book a car is the same as booking a ticket; the sooner we do, the lower the price. In addition, there will be greater availability of car models for hire. Of course you can rent the car in Ibiza they arrive, but of course, if you will touch a lot of people queuing and experience will tell you at least an hour wait.

2. Check prices frequently.

Sometimes companies “rent a car” are changing their web prices based on availability, special dates or specific events. It is likely that companies lower their prices before the weekend to boost sales.

3. Eye with rising prices for late deliveries.

Usually the “rent a car” are very strict with the date and time of delivery. They also have clauses price increase if we delay in delivery.

4. Choose either coke needs

Customers often choose a bigger car than their actual needs. Unless there is no availability, it is always better to choose a small and easy to handle car. The economic difference can be quite large between a low-end car and a high-end. In addition, we consider that sometimes we charge a guarantee money and depend on the type of car.

5. Avoid Airport

Rent a car at the airport is always more expensive than done previously by the web. Note that in the summer months, rent a car in Ibiza can be very difficult if not done with reservation.

6. Save days rental car

Usually the first day is not usually used car lot and if there is a possibility of renting the next day, you can save one day rental.

7. Beware of confusions.

Before picking up the rented car for the first time, we have to know where to deliver it, what time and under what conditions must be the car. In most “loaner cars” usually require car or motorcycle with a full fuel tank. It may seem silly, but if we leave everything to the last second, we will not know to arrive or we will not know where a gas station and late.

8. Knowing the speed limit.

Many tourists are unaware of the speed limit and even a rental car, receiving fines that car will be the responsibility of the driver, not the “rent a car”. Therefore most companies hire data stored credit cards of their clients.

9. Eye with fuel policy

All car rental companies have rules on vehicle fuel. Usually, you usually leave the car or bike with a full tank and return the vehicle must leave the same. Beware returning it because you will be charged more expensive than gasoline at a gas station.

10. Prices according to age.

Most car rental companies charge a premium according to the old you. For example, often you charge more if you are under 25 or older than 65 years. If traveling accompanied, it is better than the person who does not have those ages book your car and so do not pay extra.

11. Do not put an additional driver.

Put an extra driver that can take the car for us usually costs about 15 € more. If they are short trips, no need to have an additional driver and thus save you money.

12. regional taxes.

Beware the local tax regulations. Especially if we go by highways, cross borders, etc. In the own “rent a car” you should report these extra expenses even before renting the car or motorbike.

13. Avoid spending GPS rental

If you have a mobile or tablet that has Internet, we can use your GPS and thus save the daily cost of renting a GPS.

14. Save insurance rate.

Now there are many banks that offer credit cards to cover any unforeseen road. If so, we can save the insurance they offer us in the “rent a car”.

15. Do not use credit cards.

It is better if you can avoid using credit cards, as many will retain the money for a short period of time. Ideally, use cash.

16. Bring your own child seat.

If we bring our own child seat we will not have to ask and certainly saved us a minimum of 10 €.

17. Shout always offers and discounts.

Most companies have occasional offers, discounts or any credit card promotions. They usually look better on the website and usually do not remember when we are in the “rent a car”.

18. Check the vehicle.

Before getting on the car or motorcycle we have to do a complete overhaul of damage or breakage to prevent charge us extra to deliver the vehicle. If you find something, although it has informed the responsible, take a picture with the mobile for the record.

19. Check your bank account.

It is unusual, but sometimes there may be a failure by the car rental company and you add an extra expense. You always have to ask for invoice receipt and keep the minimum two months.

20. Select the “rent a car” more competitive.

Companies great car hire and thousands of branches all over the world tend to have higher prices and rental terms are stricter. If you are looking for the best price rental cars and motorcycles, we recommend small and local businesses. It may not have a huge fleet of cars, but always help you in whatever you need.