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5 places to visit in ibiza – Ibiza tourism

5 places to visit in ibiza – Ibiza tourism

If when you think about tourism in Ibiza, only comes to mind beaches and nightclubs; you’re missing an entire island of possibilities and activities.

If we let surprise, we can show you five hot spots for your holiday in Ibiza. If you plan to visit Ibiza with partner, friends or children they are highly recommended and unique in the world.

Visit the Cave of Can Marçà

It is located north of Ibiza, on the cliff of Port de Sant Miquel. This fantastic cave was discovered by pirates and used to conceal goods and treasures. The tour of the cave tour takes 40 minutes and can enjoy a rocky space with stalactites and stalagmites worth seeing.
5 places to visit in ibiza - Ibiza tourism

Visit the viewpoint is come

In Ibiza we have good views every two steps, but there is a particular place on the island famous for its incredible beauty. And the viewpoint is coming. An island of almost 400 meters emerging from the sea and its natural environment is unique in the world. Definitely a postcard that you will not want to miss.
5 places to visit in ibiza - Ibiza tourism

Attending the party Benirràs drums.

Sure it sounds that years ago I came to Ibiza many hippies and settled on the island permanently. Among other typical customs, they created the party Benirràs drums. It takes place on the beach and is made Benirràs sunset where the lights reflected in the sea is a spectacle. The party is to enjoy the sunset with the beat of hundreds of drums. Definitely a show that we recommend for its spontaneity, originality and realism.
 5 places to visit in ibiza - Ibiza tourism

Visit Formentera

If Ibiza is beautiful for its beaches, Formentera is like stepping on a postcard Caribbean. Its pristine sandy beaches and rocky geography are the perfect call to visit this small island. If you want to visit the island of Formentera, you have several boats leaving at different times of day.
5 places to visit in ibiza - Ibiza tourism

Give yourself a mud bath

There are people worldwide who pay a lot of money made mud treatments in a spa. In Ibiza we are fortunate to have our own free space to be this type of free mud baths and outdoor. If you want to take one you can go to Cala Xarraca or beach Aigües Blanques.
5 places to visit in ibiza - Ibiza tourism
As you can see, Ibiza has many places to visit and therefore are increasingly those who choose the island as a second home. Once you taste the peace and tranquility of Ibiza, unwilling to return to their lives.