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Beaches and coves of Ibiza

Beaches and coves of Ibiza

Ibiza is an island belonging to the Balearic Islands, an island in the Mediterranean Sea to the east of Spain. Ibiza is an island known for its great atmosphere both tourist and nightlife. It is one of the most lively places and most recognized worldwide for the atmosphere of party and fun.

The Mediterranean climate that characterizes the island allows you to enjoy the atmosphere during virtually any time or season of the year. However, during the summer months the island grows in itself. The massive arrival of tourists during the summer months has practically forced the island to restructure itself and to have some of the largest hotel structures in the whole country, in order to cover all the services and facilities necessary for the tourism it receives.

But as we know, Ibiza is not just that. It is much more… Ibiza is Mediterranean, gastronomy, culture and natural beauty. It is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Spain and we can not forget that one of the great strengths of the island is its spectacular beaches and its hidden coves that we can not forget if we travel to the island on holiday.

The best beaches and coves of Ibiza

Without a doubt, if you visit Ibiza, and you like the sea and the beach, you cannot leave without visiting some or all of these coves on the island. If you have the necessary time, we recommend that you spend some time to take a tour of some of the most unique coves and beaches of Ibiza.

The best known and famous beaches in Ibiza are Las Salinas Beach and La Playa d’en Bossa. Both beaches are the busiest and most popular beaches for tourism, making them the centre of Ibiza’s life during the day, especially in the summer months.

Other smaller beaches and coves to highlight are: Cala Salada, in a totally natural environment; Cala Conta, characterised by the incredible intense turquoise colour of the waters; Cala Vadella, a cove surrounded by small cliffs that give it a particular intimacy; San Vicente, one of the largest coves on Ibiza situated in a natural refuge surrounded by mountains; Cala Gracioneta, in the San Antonio area; Cala Bassa, an authentic natural swimming pool; Sa Caleta, a small beach surrounded by pine trees and reddish rocks that make it one of the most peculiar landscapes in Ibiza; Cala Llonga, a beach close to Santa Eulalia; Cala Portinatx, considered one of the most touristy beaches at the foot of the beach; and Cala d’ Hort, a beach that stands out for its incredible views on the horizon.

Rent a car or motorbike in Ibiza

Without a doubt, the best way to get around the island without worrying about time or public transport needs and make sure you can get where you want to go is to rent a car or a motorbike in Ibiza. That’s why at Ibiza Go Car, we have everything you need to offer you the best service during your stay in Ibiza.

Don’t think about it and rent a car or a motorbike in Ibiza to be able to move as you want, when you want and where you want. An Ibiza without limitations and where you can explore and live intensely. An experience that must be enjoyed and savoured to the last stone and to the last grain of sand of its wonderful coast.

Visit each of the beaches and coves of Ibiza with Ibiza Go Car and don’t miss the full Ibiza experience with us.