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What is the best Ibiza beach?

What is the best Ibiza beach?

The island of Ibiza not only has the best parties in the world, also known for its sandy beaches and quiet coves.

Many beaches can be visited by public transport, but other beaches of Ibiza are more hidden and would need to rent a car or motorbike to reach.

Another tip that we want to give is that you bear a good beach shoes. In many of the coves there are stones or rocks and we can cut off unintentionally. Now in most stores sell a water shoe prepared for this land and its cost is very low.

And finally, people care a lot about Ibiza island and its beaches, and if you see littering the ground or harming nature, and you denounce the fine will not be cheap.

The best beaches of Ibiza are 5:

Cala Salada

This cove is surrounded by forest and usually are very visited. The trick is to walk a narrow path and reach Cala Saladeta, which is much quieter and smaller. These two bays are the most valued by visitors to Ibiza for its crystalline waters and for being a perfect place for diving.

Cala Conta

This cove is taken from a postcard of the Caribbean, because its waters are turquoise and the beaches are fantastic. In addition there are rocky areas on the sea bed attract many snorkelers.

Cala Vadella

Sure you have seen any pictures of Cala Vadella on a postcard or advertising. Notable for being between two rocky walls, which protects visitors much wind and waves. Perfect to go with children and spend the day.

Cala de San Vicente

It is one of the largest beaches of Ibiza and is very prepared for everyone. In addition it is sheltered by mountains and prevents any strong wind.

Cala Gracioneta

This layer is located near San Antonio and is known for its turquoise waters and its small size of only 50 meters. Those who have visited speak of it as a dream landscape.

Ibiza has many beaches and coves to suit all tastes. Uncrowded coves, bays with music and DJ or coves where the famous moor their yachts. Have tastes you have, we have a perfect cove for you, we wait !.