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What is the cheapest rent a car in Ibiza?

What is the cheapest rent a car in Ibiza?

There are many people who plan their holidays in Ibiza and find the cheapest option to “rent a car”. And as usual … cheap is expensive.

When we go on vacation we do not usually think of everything bad that can happen and when it happens, we never have a plan “B”. In the field of “loaner cars” we must be very careful when choosing one or the other because in high season, cars are often exhausted and many unforeseen happen.

The first thing you usually do when we look for a “rent a car in Ibiza“, is to go to Google and search companies.

If you look closely you on top of Google, you get offers rent cars by 8 € or 2 €. Ohhh … that super offer. Then you enter these pages and after using its search … the results shown are from 24 €.

What is the cheapest rent a car in Ibiza?

Mmmm … weird …. And that’s not all, then continue with the extra expenses such as: age, local taxes, credit card, etc. Eye when you put a price and after reaching the web, you show another.

Another deception is when you rent a car and you get a top model because the model you chose not left. This can be an advantage, sometimes it is not. Think than larger models use more fuel and are more difficult to park. If you pay for apples, pears did not get. You can legally demand the type of car that you have previously chosen.

Advice to rent a car in Ibiza

Rent a car online with fixed price; so that when you arrive you do not have any extra. Also, if you have any doubt, it is best to call in advance before booking.

– Make two reservations in different rent a car provided that you previously copper. If you fail for whatever reason, you always have the second.

– Keep the invoice can rent a car for 3 months. I could load bills by mistake and are necessary to claim.

– Before removing the car from Rent a car, you should check the condition of the car and if you have any damage, take pictures with mobile and warn those responsible.

– Check bad reviews can rent a car you are going to hire. If you see several people complain, it will be for something. On the Internet nobody you can hide …

– In large companies they have more cars, but sales have both not care for their customers as a small business. I recommend local car rental companies as Ibizagocar. The deal will always be more courteous and will help you in everything you need.

In conclusion, this service has a risk if done without thinking. I recommend you do it time and looking fine print.