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Discovering the island of Ibiza: S’Illot des Rencli

Discovering the island of Ibiza: S’Illot des Rencli

You can visit Ibiza and you can visit Ibiza. That is not the same, nor is it enjoyed the same. And in our repertoire of special corners of the island, we find S’Illot des Rencli.

The cove is located in the north of Ibiza, by the area of the Xarraca, next to the beach of Portinatx. No loss if we continue straight on the San Juan road. The truth is that it is a bit hidden, and the newcomers find it difficult to get there. Just follow the cliff path and you will arrive fast. There is also a natural car park where you can park your car.


Discovering the island of Ibiza: S'Illot des Rencli
In the summer months it has a service of amacas and rent of small boats of walk. And many of us use it to go fishing one morning or enjoy a day of diving. If we want to enjoy nature in its pure state, without noise and without people everywhere, it is certainly the best option to spend a single in Ibiza.
And if you are lazy to take the food or you have no means to prepare it, at the top of the cliff, we have a restaurant called S’Illot. Their specialty is fresh rice and fish.