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To help answer any questions you may have as fast as possible, we have included the questions our clients ask most frequently. If you can’t find the answer to your question, don’t hesitate to contact us.


During the booking


Only the people on the rental contract can drive the vehicle. It may include several conductors. This can entail additional fees.

To be able to drive an Ibiza Go Car vehicle you must be at least 21 and have had your driving licence for at least 2 years.

Yes, for people under 25. They can rent a vehicle depending on the time they have had their driving license. For further information on the price of this supplement, see the Rental Terms and Conditions.

At Ibiza Go Car we try to give you the car you chose when booking. If it were not possible, we would give you a superior vehicle with no extra cost.

You can, but when you sign the contract you must leave a deposit depending on the coverage you take out. If you do not take out excess exemption coverage (FW), a deposit must be paid for the amount of the excess or more.

With Ibiza Go Car you can pick up your vehicle in any of our offices and return it in a different one thanks to our “One-Way” service. This service is available in all our offices on the island.

Ibiza Go Car vehicles CANNOT leave the island. If this were to happen Ibiza Go Car shall not be responsible for returning the vehicle nor for the possible damages.

You can cancel your booking at any time, as long as it is 24 h before the rental date. If it is cancelled after or no one collects the vehicle the prepaid amount shall not be refunded. If you have prepaid your booking through our website and want to cancel it, you must contact us via email at “web@ibizagocar.com” or calling us at 665 485 590 to initiate the refund procedure.

The prices we offer include the Compulsory motor insurance and the Complementary public liability insurance for damages caused to third parties while using or driving the vehicle. Rented cars have special insurance conditions so, although the aforementioned information is applicable, THERE IS an excess for damages to the vehicle in case of accident or theft. The price of the excess varies depending on the category of the rented vehicle according to the following amounts:

  • Groups A B: 400 €
  • Groups C D: 450 €
  • Groups E F G H I J L M N O P Q : 700 €
  • Groups R S: 1,500 €
  • Group M1: 250 €
  • Group M2 M3: 350 €

The amount of this excess can be reduced to zero by taking out additional insurance. All rentals that DO NOT take out this insurance must leave a deposit worth the amount of the excess.

The insurance included in the price of the rental dos Not include coverage for:

  • Damage to tyres, wheel rims, outside mirrors, windows nor the underside of the vehicle or the interior.
  • Tyre punctures caused by negligence or improper driving.
  • Damage to the clutch.
  • The stoppage days of the vehicle until it is repaired.
  • Tow truck costs.

All these may be fully or partially covered by express contract, at vehicle pick up, through additional insurance.

When the contract is signed the client shall be informed of the petrol in the car and the kind it uses: Diesel or Petrol. The customer agrees to return the vehicle as it was delivered, with no refunds for fuel. If you were to return it with less, we will charge you the difference.

You must go to the B15/16 public car park. It is opposite the arrivals hall. There, one of our colleagues shall be waiting for you and will take you to our offices.

Once the accessories have been delivered, it is the customer’s responsibility to adequately place them in the vehicle. If they are improperly installed, Ibiza Go Car is not liable for the damages caused.

Before pick-up, you can modify your booking at any time by accessing the online section of our website, by phone or via e-mail at “reservas@ibizagocar.com” with the changes you wish to make. If your your rental contract has already been signed and you want to extend the length you must drive your vehicle to the nearest Ibiza Go Car office so you can formalise the extension of the contract. You can’t extend the contract over the phone. On our website, check which office is nearest to your location.

If the vehicle is returned before the end of the contract the money for the days you do not use the vehicle is refunded.

With Ibiza Go Car you can pick up your vehicle in any of our offices and return it in a different one thanks to our “One-Way” service. This service is available in all our offices on the island.

You can request an invoice for your rental by sending an email to web@ibizagocar.com. In the mail you must indicate at least the number of contract. Our colleagues in administration will send you the details of your invoice.