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Flights to Ibiza

Flights to Ibiza

Finding cheap flights to Ibiza can be difficult for some people, especially when you ask yourself questions such as the total price of the ticket, the ways you can save and even the amount of money you need for a good holiday.

Whatever the reason for your trip, you’ll always be looking for flights to Ibiza that suit your needs. If you are coming from abroad, the costs could be higher than if you come from any other city in Spain, we will clarify everything you need to know!

How many airports are there in Ibiza

Only one: Ibiza Airport. This is the only arrival centre where you can land, either through international or national journeys. You can always consider other types of transfers, but if you want to get there quickly, then a flight will be the best option.

Price of the ticket from another city in Spain

In case you come from another city, the prices are much cheaper. In fact, there are airlines that offer deals of up to 11 euros, depending on the place of take-off. You should also take into account the airport where you want to buy your tickets.

There are certain days of the month, such as weekdays, when flights are cheaper, as the flow is much smoother than on weekends, for example. In addition, you can always evaluate the options between different airlines.

Price of the ticket from another country

It depends a lot on the continent from which you are going to travel, as well as the country. If you are coming from South America, prices could be between 1,000 euros and up, although mainly if you are coming from northern countries like Colombia or Venezuela.

In case you are travelling from other European countries, flights are cheaper, between 300 ? and more. However, as with domestic flights, it is advisable to analyse the many offers provided by the airlines and study the options available.

Cheaper season to travel to Ibiza

Definitely in July. The summer is the most economical season to buy tickets because we see a variant flow, making the offers and promotions increase. In turn, you can find several cost options, depending on the company.

Consider the scales

A well-kept secret among travelers is stop-over flights. Although not everyone likes to make this type of trip, since it wastes much more time and means buying more flights, the truth is that it is a practice that saves a lot of money.

The reason is that flights to cities or countries with less tourism are usually cheaper. At the same time, the distance is significant when defining the price of the tickets, making you notice at the end of the day a considerable saving in your budget. More to buy!

Take Skyscanner with you

The leading platform for price comparison for flights is Skyscanner. This is an opportunity you can’t miss because just by entering the country and city from which you will take off, you will know the multiple options available to you.

For example, the price of flights in real time, from different cities in your country and with different airlines, so you know where you can go to buy your ticket and save money. In addition, you can see other details such as the number of available airports and some tips.

Rent a car or motor in Ibiza

The flight is important, but the final detail that you cannot let go is the means of transport with which you will move around the whole territory of Ibiza. We recommend you to trust us. At Ibizagocar we have experience on the island. We are a company that provides you with the best car and motorcycle rental prices on the market.

It is simply your best option. Happy journey!