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Getting around Ibiza – Ibizagocar Tips

Getting around Ibiza – Ibizagocar Tips

Everything is close until we have to walk 10 minutes in the sun: he knows the tricks to get around Ibiza

Before traveling to any place we know how we are going to move, public transport schedules, distances, etc. If we talk about Ibiza, yet we should be more careful; because public transportation is limited, there is much clueless tourist and often many crowds.

Many think that as Ibiza is an island that is traversed in 45 minutes by car, you do not think much about these things. Because of wrong. From IBIZAGOCAR we help all our visitors to pass the best possible vacation and want to return.

Then we are going to have all possible options to scroll through Ibiza:

1º Rent a car: Ibiza is usually the best option if you are more than two. For many reasons:

– Comfort, no queues, with your space, etc.
– Freshness all day (Ibiza is an island with high temperatures).
– Porter: may seem silly … but to carry suitcases, prams and others is fantastic.

If you want to rent a car in Ibiza at affordable prices we recommend our RENT A CAR.

2º Scooter: Another more youthful and practical option. Although we can park anywhere, it has the drawback that has no room for luggage or air conditioning. We strongly emphasize air conditioning in the summer because we have very high temperatures and air conditioning is appreciated.

In Ibizagocar also we rent bikes of various types according to your needs and you can book them on our website scooter rentals.

3º Bus: It is the cheapest option, but in the summer months, having so many visitors, buses easily filled and there are times we have to wait for the next. If you have to be at any particular time in a particular place, better take a taxi.

4º Taxis: If you do not want to rent a car in Ibiza and do not want to go stand on the bus, your best option is to take a taxi. Although eye with unnecessary travel, because sometimes they can overcome more than the ticket.

5º Ships: Another option is to visit the surrounding boats. One option highly demanded because sometimes we can see many celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi or Brad Pit. The most common options are:

– The ferry to Formentera: it takes 30 min and is a different island where it seems that there is no time.
– The water bus: A boat is visiting the main beaches of Ibiza.
– Rent a boat or yacht: If you have the possibility it is a unique experience to discover totally impossible parts of Ibiza d visit if not by boat.

In conclusion, Ibiza is a unique island in the world and worth a visit … the method you choose to discover, determine you want to return or not. That’s why I always recommend renting a car in Ibiza. We will wait for you!!!!