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The Holi festival arrives in Ibiza – Feel the color of India

The Holi festival arrives in Ibiza – Feel the color of India

Ibiza is famous for its festivals of all kinds, own or acquired from other cultures. Today I want to talk about the Holi festival in Ibiza.

Its origins date back to a Hindu religious festival that marks the official start of spring; plus the Holi festival is celebrated as a holiday of love.

According to Hindu customs, it was a party that served to get rid of past mistakes and held overnight. In Europe and North America we have adopted as a spring festival of love and colors where everyone just spotted a thousand colors.

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In Ibiza, one of the most famous partys Holi is celebrated in the “Holi Garden Festibal Ibiza”. And it has done since 2014. The party starts at 16:30 and lie are serving unique cocktails around the pool lie the DJ makes you dance until late at night. The peculiarity of this festival is that every so often explode balls of different colors and soaked into the skin. It is very common to go in and finish bikini or bathed thousand colors. Although do not worry, the paint is very easy with water.