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Holiday Ibiza 2017

Holiday Ibiza 2017

Who has been this year in Ibiza knows that the 2016 has been very good in what has referred to parties. Every year it raises the bar and 2017 brings surprises.

In Ibiza it maintains the premise of always improving the parties every year and that is why people come and repeat. Because every year, the organizers are more ambitious hiring lighting, DJ’s, beautiful girls and performance of all kinds. In addition, there is a sort of secret competition by all the discos to try to be the best disco in Ibiza.

Holiday Ibiza 2017
When does the party start in Ibiza 2017?

Holidays in Ibiza in May of 2017

Although the date seems strange, the engines start in May 2017. If you visit the island at that time, you can visit Ammesia, Sankeys or the famous Pacha. Keep in mind that nightclubs usually open late in May and early June. And the excellent temperature will accompany you to give everything on the dance floor (15-25 degrees).

Holidays in Ibiza in June of 2017

In June you start to smell the summer, the beaches begin to fill and towards the end of June, all Ibiza nightclubs are already open. The best of this month is that San Juan is celebrated on the 24th and you can live the most authentic Ibiza with horses, fireworks and regional festivals.

Holidays in Ibiza in Ibiza in July 2017

In July it will be high season and Ibiza will be a positive insanity for all. The nightclubs of Ibiza will be at full capacity, the beach bars to burst. The temperature will go from 20 to 30 degrees, although there is no need to worry; For that the island has good beaches and coves where to cool off, drink a beer and enjoy fantastic views. Be careful because this month and the next, there are long queues to enter the discos of Ibiza. The solution, buy tickets online at the best price and avoid all queues. We also remind you that if you are going to rent a car in Ibiza, do it in time because at that time there are only high-end cars and they are usually much more expensive.

Holidays in Ibiza in August of 2017

In August there is nobody else in Ibiza, all the hotels, beaches and beach bars are overflowing and the uncontrolled on the island is legendary. All the discos prepare the best parties in Ibiza for the month of August, even the best DJ’s in the world are reserved that month to visit the island and burst the dance floors. The same thing happens with the queues in August, always go with the reserve bought already or you will not find place and you will spend your visit to Ibiza in line.

Holidays in Ibiza in September of 2017

In September it is the month of closings of clubs and other clubs of season. For many repeaters, it is the best month of all because there are not many people, the beaches are half full, temperatures are excellent and most nightclubs perform their closure over the top. In fact, the closing parties are the most legendary and uncontrolled.
Holiday Ibiza 2017
In conclusion, the 2017 fiestas in Ibiza promise fun and entertainment in duplicate every year. It is as if they spend the winter months visiting the world’s discos gathering information on how to improve their own parties. That is why many people repeat their visit to the island, there is never an equal party and every year they are renewed.