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Holidays in Ibiza – Survival Guide

Holidays in Ibiza – Survival Guide

Forget what you know to date, parties in Ibiza are a reference worldwide and we must learn how to survive both lack of control.

This guide is born of experience and aims to avoid the few bad things about Ibiza. Consider that the island is not only crazy parties, but also visit us many families who just want peace and quiet.

First of all … the minimum age to enter the clubs of Ibiza is 18 and usually quite strict.

Dates to party

The famous Ibiza party begins in early May and lasts until late October. During this period all bars and restaurants are open, but the clubs do not open in early June and lasts until late September.

Traditionally the first club opening in Ibiza is “Es Paradis”, then Space, Amnesia and since then the rest.

If we were to tell you the best times to come to Ibiza, I recommend the last two weeks of June, all of July and the first three weeks of September. Why?. In August because there are many people in Ibiza, all prices rise (drinks / tickets are 15% more expensive), and it is very difficult to rent a car or motorbike in Ibiza, even catch a taxi.

Holidays in Ibiza - Survival Guide

Where I sleep?

In no sleep Ibiza in summer … lol. It would be best to stay close to the clubs to be close to the action no ?. For example, Pacha and El Divino are in Ibiza town near the port. Space is at Platja d’en Bossa. Es Paradis and Eden are San Antonio. Amnesia and Privilege are located on the main road between Ibiza and San Antonio, near San Rafel.

Eye where you stay to sleep, Ibiza is also a holiday resort with families and not according to that hotels do not look favorably noise or drink.

important fact: If you had thought about sleeping on the beach … never mind. It is illegal and the police run very frequently. Do not ruin your holiday in Ibiza not know.

Holiday Calendar

Do not waste time looking for who you report or asking like headless chicken. In this link you can see where, when, costs, etc. Nor obsessions you to go to several per night. As the days you’re in Ibiza, choose one night and look at prices well before venturing to avoid surprises.

Where do I buy tickets?

If or if you must buy tickets online, why? Because the lines to get go around the corner and are a bit more expensive. I do not think much grace to start your holiday waiting an hour and a half to get into the trendy nightclub.

To purchase tickets to the clubs of Ibiza you can click here.

How much is admission?

Tickets usually go from 30 to 60 € according to the club or event. Prices are a little high, but the DJ are of international standard and you see some better.

How do I dress to party?

You’re in luck, in Ibiza you can go to the clubs as you like, even people tend to dress a little crazy … and remember … what happens in Ibiza … stays in Ibiza.


All clubs open at 12:00 and close at 06:00 at least. The best time to go is from 1:30 to 3:00. Beware be interesting and reach about 3 and peak tails will remain and you’ll end up entering 4.

Vices: Drugs and Alcohol

– To drink you have to be 18 to buy snuff and 16.
– It is illegal to drink on the street.
– A combined cost about 15 € in a nightclub, and 10 in the city of Ibiza.
– A beer / water cost 12 € in a nightclub and 6 bars.
– In the bars of Ibiza is usually a “Happy hour 2 x 1”.
– There is a disco bus that will take you to any club on the island. More information http://discobusibiza.com/

In conclusion, famous around the world are lining up to come to Ibiza holidays, it will be for something …