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Ibiza – what to see in one day?

Ibiza – what to see in one day?

It is impossible to enjoy everything what offers Ibiza in a day, but always lightning seeing the best of the island can make a visit.

Come, let’s plan a 24-hour plan. Air outlet, grab a backpack and get ready for a day of madness.

Ibiza - what to see in one day?

What to put in your backpack?

Very little… sunscreen, bathing suit, 3 t-shirts, swimwear, pants / dress, flip-flops, slippers, 2 short socks, 2 snacks, condoms, Cap and many bags to separate dirty clothing.
In total not should rise more than 3 kg in total, think that you don’t know what hotel where to leave it and tendéis that carry it everywhere.

Start (from Palma to Ibiza).

It is normal to take a boat to leave at 8:00 and arrive at 11:30. Prices range from 100€ to €200 depending on where want it it to sit. My recommendation is that you get that time to sleep a bit, if it can be a little heavy.

Arriving in the city of Ibiza.

We reached the town of Ibiza at 11:30. We left the boat and took the opportunity to visit as it touches the city. The most important points to visit are:
– The port: with a little luck you will see some famous yacht and there are many upscale shops.
– Dalt Vila: is the old town of Ibiza, known for its walls, old buildings and narrow streets.
– Mare de Deu Street: undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas of the city.
– Cathedral of Ibiza.

Food on the beach.

We recommend you to buy some food and you go to the beach d’en Bossa. One of the best beaches in Ibiza with fine sand and calm waters. Although that is not the best; on that beach is the famous Bora Bora club that day and night they have a DJ encouraging the beach. I recommend eating there quiet, enjoy an afternoon at the beach until 20:00.

Evening / night in Ibiza.

It’s dinnertime and the city of Ibiza offers a very wide and varied every budget. My recommendation is that no cenéis much because we expect a very lively night.


Night out in Ibiza.

After dinner people tend to take a couple of drinks in bars and pubs in the area. Inform well, because all sites have Happy hour where prices much lower. Another cheaper option is to buy alcohol in a store and do bottle on the beach.
Clubs open around 12:00, but until 01:00 pm no one. Acordaros to buy the ticket online and so save you an hour queue. As you have only one night, we recommend you to stay in one club.
The main ones are:
– Pachá
– Amnesia
– Ushuaia Beach Hotel
– Privilege
– Space
Ibiza - what to see in one day?

Dawn in Ibiza.

After a night playing a good breakfast in a nearby bar port. Nothing better than starting the day with a good breakfast and sunrise background in Ibiza.

Back (From Ibiza to Palma).

At 8:00 our ship comes back. Be careful not to forget, because they do not wait for anyone. On the way to Palma it is normal a super nap three hours to recover some color.
This would be one of the possible accelerated plans to perform in Ibiza. You have a proposal to add ?. Although serious, to know the island and its famous customs would need at least a week. We wait for you!.