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What to do in Ibiza in September? Tips and tricks

What to do in Ibiza in September? Tips and tricks

It is certainly the best month to visit Ibiza. Temperatures drop, most people return to their jobs and make the best parties disco.

It is well known by everyone that people who like a lot Ibiza, often prefer September to visit the island and be calm. And is that where there is more tourism months are July and August. Also in these months, prices of the hotels are more expensive, there are more lines to get into the clubs and beaches are jammed with people.

Therefore, there is a very sybaritic group prefer to visit Ibiza in the month of September looking for sun, beach and nightclubs but with a more select and quiet atmosphere.
Celebrities also know this information, and leverage much September to visit Ibiza. For example, right now we have Justin Bieber to stay at the luxury hotel Ushuaïa and calmly skated in the city park. If you are passionate about seeing famous relaxed and international stature, Ibiza in September is your month.
What to do in Ibiza in September? Tips and tricks
Ibiza parties also continue all month with the same intensity and with the advantage of not having to make such long queues at more affordable prices and the DJ’s most famous on the international scene. Here you have the list of holidays for this month.
Cheap accommodation is also a great reason to visit Ibiza in September. Not being high season and the low price of hotels at least one third and have much more availability to stay in downtown hotels and more stars.
In conclusion, September Ibiza has better prices for hotels, more comfortable temperature, celebrities running around the streets and the same parties in nightclubs in the middle of August. Are you going to miss it?.