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Ibiza as a tourist destination

Ibiza as a tourist destination

Ibiza is an island belonging to the archipelago of the Balearic Islands and measures 41 x 15 km. But what lurks Ibiza that everyone wants to visit?

It’s simple, most people carry a hurry lifestyle, stressful jobs and many responsibilities. So when the time comes to think of the holidays, we do paradisiacal places, full of peace and sunny.

Ibiza has that and more. Surrounded by natural parks, bathed in turquoise waters and with parties that are heard around the world. Ibiza offers fun, peace and unique moments for everyone. The simple fact that it is a remote island in the world, adds value in every way. It is not the same as saying you’ve visited Valencia, to say you have been party in Ibiza !.

The best clubs in the world

The night of Ibiza is renowned internationally for its shows and performances scheduled throughout the year. And his music sets the trend at the international level that will be heard during the year. No matter if you’re not very discotequero, because the parties in Ibiza are a show in themselves. And remember, what happens in Ibiza, stays in Ibiza.

Coves and beaches of Ibiza

Another attraction of Ibiza is its beaches and coves. Fine sand, clear and clean waters. Whether beaches with the music of a DJ or a cove in the middle of nowhere, the island has everything for everyone. A week sunbathing on any of our beaches is the perfect remedy for any disease, guaranteed.

Ibiza as a tourist destination

Negatives of Ibiza

Ibiza is a small and in the summer months of full long island, so finding room can be a challenge. If we are clear that we want to visit the island, I recommend you buy the ticket book the room maximum in February and rent a car in Ibiza with air conditioning. After that date, prices soar and even hotel may not find them until late September. If you do so, you will at half price and stress.

If most famous visit Ibiza in the summer for nothing, do not you think ?. We wait for you!!!