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Jobs in Ibiza – How to survive Ibiza?

Jobs in Ibiza – How to survive Ibiza?

Finding work in Ibiza is not the problem, the complication lies in finding accommodation on the island without having to pay more than what is charged.

We do not want to paint badly and in fact, getting work in Ibiza is as simple as fishing in a pool full of fish. You just have to throw a resume in March / April and take it for granted that they will catch you.

The problem for many newcomers who come to Ibiza to work for the first time is that they come with work insured but do not know where they are going to stay in those months. Usually, it is not usually difficult to find a room to stay in any other part of the world. But this is Ibiza, a very small island that has all the full occupation. There have been cases of people renting vans to live in the summer months and are charging 650 € per month for it.
Our recommendation; If you do not have a place to stay, do not look for work in Ibiza. Because if you come at the last moment, your benefit for working in Ibiza will be minimal. The best option is for January or February in search of a free room and even if you do not go until May, have it reserved with a small deposit.
Jobs in Ibiza - How to survive Ibiza?
Another option is to talk to the company that you want to hire and request a place to stay. This would be the best option for you and for employers who guarantee a worker. In the middle of the season, many workers give up because of fatigue and leave the company hanging. So, even if you request a job in the middle of the season, I’m sure they say yes.
If you are thinking about living the 4 months of season in a camping tent, keep in mind that camping on the beach is prohibited and very limited places to stay. We do not recommend this option because it will be much harder and you will not reach the end of the season. Rest times are vital and you must respect them to work in Ibiza. Since the normal thing is to work more than 8 hours and the heat does not help much.
In conclusion, without safe accommodation, do not venture to Ibiza for work. But if you get it, it will be a great experience that you will never forget.