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What to do in North Ibiza? Tours and activities

What to do in North Ibiza? Tours and activities

The island of Ibiza offers fun for all ages and tastes. There is even life outside the nightclubs and the city. Come and discover the north of Ibiza.

Ibiza has mountains, hiking trails and areas where diving in crystal clear waters. Therefore, do not stay on the beaches and nightclubs, dare to discover a different and magical Ibiza.

Excursions Ibiza

If you like long nature walk and views of luxury, we recommend making several trips around Ibiza. No doubt there are many routes to the north you will be amazed by its beauty. Discover places like Lighthouse Moscarter in Portinatx, you can only know him walk. Or you can see the inside of Ibiza starting with San Juan and walking trails you sa Cala de Sant Vicent and parts of Morna.
If you want a romantic and unique ride, we recommend strolling along the shore of the northern beaches like Aigues Blanques and Cala Boix.
What to do in North Ibiza? Tours and activities

Cycling trips Ibiza

If you like the calm and silence, go cycling Ibiza is so relaxing that you experienced in your life. Whether by mountain roads or secondary roads, it is a unique experience for all corners of Ibiza.
There are great bike paths that take you to places like Cala de Sant Vicent or secret north west coast, with coves of Caló s’Illa or Canaret. Or if you are someone who you take life easy, you can try stroll along the beaches of Santa Eulalia or fine views of Na Xamena.
What to do in North Ibiza? Tours and activities

Diving in Ibiza

The island of Ibiza offers a natural marine availability to practice this sport. Diving in Ibiza lets you know the fields of Posidonia Oceanica, thousands of different kinds of fish, cliffs movie and probably some century-old tortoise.
The best places for diving in Ibiza are in Cala d’en Serra Cala Mastella or with mixture of sand and rock.
And if you’re really adventurous and want to practice a high dive, you will discover “La Catedral” or “Illa de Sant Miquel Murada” in the area of Portinatx.
What to do in North Ibiza? Tours and activities

Paddle Surf / Kayaj in Ibiza

Lately they are catching other water sports like Paddle Surf. A very simple sport that involves walking along the coast with a surfboard with a paddle.
Or you can practice Kayak, a sort of canoe with a paddle that lets you scroll through the coast watching the beaches and coves.
What to do in North Ibiza? Tours and activities
In conclusion, Ibiza offers freedom and thousands of outdoor activities that allow you to enjoy nature. We will wait for you.