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How to rent a car in Ibiza and not die trying

How to rent a car in Ibiza and not die trying

No we are going to cheat, in Ibiza as in any tourist area, there are many places to rent a car or motorbike. The key is the price and speed of service.

To rent a car in Ibiza is very simple and you have two options. If you have time and a computer, you can enter our website www.ibizagocar.com and fill the form where they will ask details like name, your flight, etc. and then have to put a card number. But do not worry, you will not be charged anything until you come and retire the car; It is just a guarantee to save yourself the car you want and the dates. Then you will send a mail confirming the date and already have insured your car.

Another faster option is a call. We take data in real time, will confirm that you can rent cars or motorbikes in Ibiza.
Best to rent a car in Ibiza with Ibizagocar are its cheap prices and fast service. We know that visiting Ibiza can be a bit pricey in summer and therefore our prices are the cheapest on the island. In addition, we give all credit facilities and guarantee maximum.

We also differ from the rest by the speed of service. If you hire a car in Ibiza, we know it’s because you do not want to make unnecessary queues and so, in Ibizagocar try to be as quick to give the car or bike you want.

How to rent a car in Ibiza and not die trying

We understand that paying 30 € a day to rent a car in Ibiza can give us laziness; but we assure you that will give you much more lazy to queue, wait 2 hours late buses or all parties.

In conclusion, rent your car or motorbike in Ibiza is very simple and practical with Ibizagocar!