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Rent a scooter in Ibiza – Survive the island

Rent a scooter in Ibiza – Survive the island

Ibiza is and will be an island of fun and festivities. And nothing better to rent a motorbike in Ibiza
to continue a perfect summer holiday.

Why we do so much emphasis on this?. It is very simple, because

We live in Ibiza, talk to people outside and collect all positive and negative experiences. And the truth is that Ibiza does not care much the transport public. Above all, because exceeds it. Ibiza is not ready to receive so many people at the same time.

Therefore when you bring the summer buses that bring you from the airport take the triple, are always full and sometimes have to wait for the next.

Are reasons for what we recommend to rent a motorbike in Ibiza:

Ibiza heat.

Needless to say that in Ibiza temperatures are linked to the Mediterranean climate and 33 degree we do not descend, even at night.  So imagine a trip of more than 30 minutes on a can bus, foot and with people sweating on the side.

Spend little money on Ibiza.

What spend it two people in one day in transport, is far higher than spending per day on a scooter in Ibiza rental. And now if you have any love affair, I guarantee that it is better to have an own vehicle.

Save time in Ibiza.

Would going to lose hours waiting for buses? Although pay a taxi, find one free in August is very difficult and expensive. So don’t waste a second of your holiday in Ibiza and rent a scooter. You can park where you want and navigate throughout the island.

Get to know the island of Ibiza.

Buses and taxis do not reach all parties; without car or motorcycle, you miss the best beaches in Ibiza and unique corner of the island. Discover the mysteries of Ibiza renting a bike and better leverages your holiday.

We are obviously a company that is dedicated to the rental of cars and motorbikes in Ibiza, but that does not diminish the truth to everything we say. If the next time we visit don’t agree with this article, we give you an entire day on a scooter in Ibiza rental.