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Rentals of scooters and motorbikes in Ibiza

Ibiza is ideal to rent a bike. The geography of the island there are no long distances and tourist attractions are nearby. These vehicles are very easy of Park, you give agility to not miss or a second and above all, are very economic.

In Ibizagocar we have scooters 50cc and 125 cc so that spending on gasoline is very low and you can give all the laps you want. It is the vehicle of our Rent a Car that is going to get cheaper and that you can enjoy as a child. You can feel the wind, Breeze and can be an excuse for anyone \”caught\” you 😉

Rent a bike you will give the freedom of move you where you want spending very little money. You can go to the beach and return to the hotel when you want or go downtown without worrying if you will find parking all are advantages!