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Santa Eulalia Ibiza – The best of the island

Santa Eulalia Ibiza – The best of the island

Santa Eulalia del Río is a municipality of the Balearic Islands belonging to the island of Ibiza. And where to find tranquility, good restaurants and shops.

On the island of Ibiza there is fun for all tastes and today we want to talk about an area where to lose and relax for a few days, Santa Eulalia.

Authorities and hoteliers have worked hard to take care of the area to make it perfect and attract a very select and exclusive type of customers. That’s why the promenade is surrounded by palm trees, manicured gardens and a large fountain. And if we continue to the right, we can enjoy the beach of Mariners, where curiously there is a river that reaches the sea.
It is very pleasant to take long walks on the beach of Mariners and if we continue, we will reach a recently renovated Roman bridge. And if we continue walking a little more, we will reach a pedestrian bridge that crosses the river and takes us to another beach called Calo de S’Alga.
Santa Eulalia

Where to stay in Santa Eulalia?

In this area of Ibiza there is a large selection of very exclusive hotels such as:

– Sol Beach House Ibiza
– Hotel S’Argamassa Palace Suites
– Palladium Hotel Don Carlos
– Invisa Hotel La Cala

Santa Eulalia

Where to go in Santa Eulalia?

In Santa Eulalia there are two large streets where most of the interesting places are located. For example, Calle San Jaime is where are the main cafes and restaurants and you will know that you are there because it is surrounded by trees.
The other street to highlight is Calle San Vicente, which stands out for its author restaurants. In addition this area is closed to traffic and invites to the nightlife of Mediterranean atmosphere.

The marina of Santa Eulalia

It is certainly one of the biggest claims to visit Santa Eulalia. Along the port, we can enjoy cafes and restaurants with spectacular views of the sea and the luxurious yachts. This area has become, in the evenings, an exclusive meeting place of the famous jet set of celebrities who visit us.
If you have the necessary card, you can also rent the boat that you like. From a boat to give a pass or even a luxury yacht to spend a couple of days by the sea. This summer, we could see Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo visit us with their exclusive luxury yachts.

Water activities and sports in Santa Eulalia

Although it is a quiet area, we can do endless sports activities for all tastes. For example, next to the beach of Santa Eulalia or in the one of S’Argamassa we can rent jet skis, diving equipment and everything that you can think to enjoy in the sea. Or if you do not feel like getting wet, you can visit the Acrobosc, a fantastic outdoor adventure park for young and old.
Water activities and sports in Santa Eulalia
In conclusion, the port of Santa Eulalia is another side of Ibiza more quiet and exclusive where to enjoy the peace and the most exclusive Mediterranean environment.