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What to see in Ibiza? – Best corners of Ibiza

What to see in Ibiza? – Best corners of Ibiza

The Balearic Islands are famous worldwide, but Ibiza is our hidden treasure. A unique place for its beaches, people and parties.

Although the island of Ibiza is well prepared for tourism and there are many areas with hotels, we can still find unique and special places for its location, design and uniqueness.

The corners of Ibiza today we bring have been specially chosen for us that we usually see Ibiza as it is a paradise of a few.

Cala Llentrisca

This Ibiza beach stands out among other things by the few people who will. It is in the area of Es Cubells, south. And to access you have to walk 20 minutes down a road along the coast. Here you can see their sandy bottoms, living posidonias leaning to the surface and crystal clear waters.

What to see in Ibiza? - Best corners of Ibiza

The viewpoint of the beach of Cala D’Hort

To enjoy one of the best views of Ibiza, you must go to the Torres des Savinar. The sunset and sunrise is unique for its fantastic views of Es Vedra and Es Vedranell. Formerly used to monitor the pirates, but now it has become a unique vantage point in Ibiza.


Cala Es Portitxol

This curious cove of Ibiza is located north of the island and has a strong resemblance to a lake by its shape and size. In addition Ibiza people consider it secret because of their inaccessibility, and that can only be reached by sea or climbing a vertical drop of 150 meters walk. But that does not take from you the urge to go, the road along the coast to get well worth it.

What to see in Ibiza? - Best corners of Ibiza

Es Vedrà

Es Vedra are two islands of Ibiza well known on the island for its beauty and its legends. All you have much respect Ibizan for its many disturbing stories. There is talk of UFOs, sightings of strange lights or event disappearance. People from Ibiza accompany you to the place day, but after nightfall, I doubt they want to.

What to see in Ibiza? - Best corners of Ibiza

Vistit to Cala Mastella and restaurant (El Bigotes)

This restaurant, also called “Whiskers” is in the area of Sant Carles and is one of the restaurants that still have remained virgins to progress. Its rice with fish sure would have a Michelin star if it wanted to. The best thing about this place is as to the time for your treatment, aesthetics and care for the food.

What to see in Ibiza? - Best corners of Ibiza

Cala d’en Serra

Like all good things, get to this remote Ibiza beach requires some effort. The road, which begins in Portinatx, is well signposted and has no loss. The cove is quiet, pristine and stone backgrounds. But that’s not the best part is the small beach bar that is hidden and that makes a very tasty food (burgers, sandwiches, salads, etc).

What to see in Ibiza? - Best corners of Ibiza

Discover the Ibiza hippy markets

Ibiza is famous for its hippie culture that originated in the 60s; when many artists and bohemians took the island and began to live like hippies. All this movement was transformed into indigenous art of Ibiza and Ibiza different markets hippies formed.

The most important are those of Punta Arabi in Es Cana Wednesdays and hippy market of Las Dalias in San Carlos on Saturdays.

What to see in Ibiza? - Best corners of Ibiza

Ibiza has unique corners if you know look and do not mind walking to find them. Gradually you will be adding more magical places of Ibiza. Do not miss!!!