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What to see in Ibiza? Cala d’Hort

What to see in Ibiza? Cala d’Hort

For the quality of its sand, for its spaciousness, its cleanliness and its magnificent Islet Es Vedrà, Cala d’Hort is considered one of the best beaches in Ibiza.

On several occasions it has been wanted to turn Cala d’Hort into a golf course or a complex of coastal hotels. However, the people of Ibiza are very activist and prevented their exploitation, turning the beach into a natural park because of its great environmental value.

Even if you do not think it is a land where you do not find civilization. Around it there are different centennial restaurants where you can taste traditional Ibizan food. We recommend eating a good rice or a good fish accompanied with a good wine.
Undoubtedly, one of the most important claims of this beach is its sunset. To enjoy it better it is better to go to the left side of the beach or even approach to the cliffs that are when entering the beach.
What to see in Ibiza? Cala d'Hort
Another of the complaints to visit the Cala d’Hort, is to be able to see the Islet Es Vedrà. It is located a few hundred meters from the cove and you can go perfectly swimming. Although be sure to be fit to go there because sometimes it costs a little.
Around the Es Vedrá there are many folk legends like for example that there have been visions and apparitions at night, and even have come to realize studies on extraterrestrial presence.
But that should not stop us from visiting it, because getting to the islet brings other advantages to highlight. As for example, we can see the only blue lizards that only live there, the goats that live free by the mountain or the tower of the pirate. A tower built in a perfect place that also serves as a lookout.
What to see in Ibiza? Cala d'Hort
It is true that Ibiza has changed a lot with the passage of time and although there are many discos and new hotels, there are places like Cala d’Hort that are kept intact thanks to the efforts of the people of Ibiza