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The 5 best plans to make in Ibiza in Autumn

The 5 best plans to make in Ibiza in Autumn

If you go on autumn holidays to Ibiza, you should know which is the best plan. Whether you want fun until dawn in the world’s most famous clubs, sunbathing on the beautiful beaches or water sports, Ibiza has it all.

Ibiza is a paradise island of the Balearic Islands, surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea and with a wide diversity of places to visit.

The high temperature and very warm turquoise sea water encourage you to take advantage of the various activities on the beach.

How to get around the island of Ibiza

The island of Ibiza is one of the most important tourist centres in Spain and is a place where it is impossible to get bored.

To attend some of the best discotheques or visit the fabulous beaches, our car hire company in Ibiza is always available for tourists.

The bus station offers connections to almost all parts of the island, but you will need personal transport to visit the many shops, clubs, beaches and the port of Ibiza.

Rent a car until the end of your stay in Ibiza, to get around better and enjoy your holidays. Visit https://www.ibizagocar.com/es/

Ibiza in autumn is low season

Autumn in Ibiza is really a wonderful time of year with an excellent climate. The inhabitants and guests of the island spend most of the autumn on the beaches, because the sun shines up to 7 hours a day.

The end of autumn is quite a warm time and tourist activity decreases. The island returns to its usual rhythm of life and accumulates forces for a new round of tourist.

Prices fall and some travellers decide to take advantage of this seductive opportunity.

Ibiza for the party-goers. It’s time for the holidays!

Ibiza is, in fact, the ideal place for the perfect holiday. The fun here doesn’t stop for a minute. That’s why, we present you the 5 best plans to do in Ibiza in Autumn

Beaches of Ibiza

In Ibiza there are more than 80 beaches available, each of which offers the chance to sunbathe, practice water sports and meet the celebrities who visit them.

The impressive beaches with spectacular sunsets are: Cala Tarida, Cala Conta, Cala Bassa, and Cala Vadella.

Historical city of Dalt Vila

This is a protected area, where we will find, among other places, the historic cathedral of Santa Maria.

From the top of Dalt Vila, there is a beautiful panorama of the whole of Ibiza and its port, as well as more than 1,000 years of necropolis.

In the port you will be able to enjoy luxury yachts and leisure places. This is where discos organise promotions for their events.

Numerous shows can be seen while enjoying a wonderful wine and eating Spanish tapas, in one of the bars, restaurants or cafeterias of the place.

Punta Arabí Hippy Market

Here you can find a variety of costumes, handicrafts, jewelry, decorations and many other products, related to hippie culture. It is the perfect place to buy original gifts, souvenirs of the island and regional products.
Ses Salines de Ibiza Natural Park
It’s another place worth visiting on the island. Located in its southern part, is a unique corner, which is full of bright salt lakes, unspoiled beaches and unique species of plants and animals. It can be visited comfortably, in the tours organized by Ibiza.

The magical islet of Es Vedrà

The islet of Es Vedrà is a few hundred metres from the shores of Ibiza. This small island has enjoyed great interest for hundreds of years due to its incredible properties.

In addition, this piece of land has a high magnetic field strength. Compasses, appliances and mobile phones literally “go crazy” and there are many legends about it.

Locals claim it is Atlantis and, according to Nostradamus, it is the only place on earth that will survive the end of the world.

In Ibiza, as you have read, there is no shortage of entertainment and it is a place that does not sleep between the months of September and November.

In addition to club parties, there are several festivals, concerts and live music.

Enjoy the best autumn plans in Ibiza!