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The weather in Ibiza

The weather in Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the most famous islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It is an island belonging to the Balearic Islands on the eastern side of Spain. It is an island famous for its great nightlife and the festivities that take place, throughout the year but especially during the summer months. In summer the population of Ibiza triples and receives a great amount of tourist affluence coming from all parts of the world. Although the majority of tourism on the island of Ibiza is European.

Its privileged location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea gives it one of the best and most envied climates in the world.

Mediterranean Climate

The Mediterranean climate is characterised by warm temperatures practically all year round, low rainfall and its greatest advantage is that it has more than 300 days of sunshine a year.

The average annual temperature is over 18 degrees Celsius which makes it the ideal place to enjoy a holiday with friends, a family holiday or a romantic getaway with your partner.

The fabulous Mediterranean climate means that whatever time of year you decide to visit Ibiza, you can enjoy a wonderful holiday trip. However, without a doubt the ideal time to visit Ibiza is in the summer months.

The weather in Ibiza and the conditions of this one causes that in the months of heat of Ibiza, the population of the island increases considerably arriving even to triple it. The reason for this is the large influx of tourists. For this reason, Ibiza has one of the largest hotel infrastructures in the Balearic Islands, with the aim of being able to satisfy and cover all the demand for tourism in the summer months on the island.

What to do in Ibiza in Summer

In summer Ibiza comes to life and a large number of hotels, apartments, restaurants, nightclubs and bars open, which have been closed during the winter months. Many of these already open their doors in the spring months, but when you can really enjoy the authentic essence of Ibiza is in the summer months.

One of the activities par excellence in the summer in Ibiza, is the visit to some of the main discotheques of Ibiza. The island is world famous for covering some of the best clubs in the world and many of them are in the top 100 of clubs and nightclubs and even in the Top 10. This means that a large part of the tourism comes with the aim of enjoying a holiday party with friends to enjoy the party atmosphere Ibiza.
On the other hand, Ibiza has a large number of beaches and paradisiacal coves that are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. So if you come on holiday with your family or partner and like the beach, we encourage you to visit some of the most famous beaches of Ibiza or to take a car with Ibiza Go Car and do not leave a single corner of the island because even in the innermost place you may find some of the wonderful coves that houses the island of Ibiza.

On the other hand, another of the activities par excellence of Ibiza, is the great amount of aquatic sports that are carried out in the island. On the beaches of Ibiza you will find a large number of companies that are responsible for the practice of water sports such as: paddle surfing, kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, diving, sailing … among many other activities for lovers of the sea.