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Tips to get to Ibiza

Tips to get to Ibiza

You have several options to get to Ibiza and all are good ways to begin the best vacation of your life!.

Go to Ibiza costs very little, especially if you come in mode saving. Learn about all the options, you can serve to choose which best suits your needs and start your vacation.

The main options for travel to Ibiza are:

Air travel to Ibiza

Air travel is the comfortable travel, fast and easy way. There are many direct flights with companies such as: Iberia / Air Europa. Or connecting flights with companies such as Vueling, British Airways or Smart Wings.

You can find flights from 50€ roundtrip.

Schedules: In summer there are many flights and they have many options. If you are traveling from Palma is usually takes 40 min at most.

Ibiza Airport: once you arrive at the airport, you have three options:

A) Go by bus: you can take line 10 or 9 depending on your destination. Has a cost of 3.20€ by person and spend every 20 / 30 minutes
B) Go by taxi: the journey is 15 km and usually cost €15.
C) Rent a car in Ibiza: without a doubt the best choice. Not only for comfort, but for the price and the independence to move around Ibiza. You can rent a car in Ibiza with us at the best price guaranteed.

Tips to get to Ibiza

Travel to Ibiza by boat / Ferry

This is the option most used by people. And you can take the boat from many ports, such as: Barcelona, Mallorca, Menorca, Valencia, Algeciras, etc. The most outstanding advantage is that you can travel by car or bike and you can save you travel in Ibiza. Prices are from €35 from Mallorca and €100 from the peninsula.

Schedules: They tend to leave their posts early and usually take between 3 and 5 hours.

No doubt there are many facilities for all pockets and if you have any questions, you can ask us what you need and soon we will answer. Hope in Ibiza!.