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Tips for traveling with infants

Tips for traveling with infants

If we have children, life changes us and it is important to be prepared for the unexpected, especially if traveling by car.

Today we are going to talk about the experiences collected from our customers in the rent a car IBIZAGOCAR. It is true that renting a car is a huge to travel comfortably advantage, unhurried and without noise. But having children things get complicated and we must have a thousand things present.

The main things to take if you travel with children:


Toys are important for children and so we must not forget them. Ideally, if you have several children, have their toys separately. In addition, you should take a toy in hand if you have to distract them at some point in time and do not have access to luggage.


If we bring food, we take in a well-prepared. They sell a tight mini backpacks that retain the cold very well and if we freeze the food the night before, this can last up to 10 hours.


Having a good suitcase is vital for any trip. It must be tough, with separate organize clothes and to access what we want out quickly spaces.


A good backpack on the best way to bring our stuff everywhere and so keep your hands free. In addition, if quality, it will fit well behind us and we must not take unnecessary bags.

Beach bag

When we go to the beach we could carry a backpack, but the salt, sun and sea water could deteriorate. Therefore we recommend a beach bag, a much lower cost and no doubt will hold a beach day perfectly.

Towels for car seats

Many times, returning from the beach, neither children nor adults we have spent two kg drying or sand. If we put some towels on the seats and take care more if you rent a car and not lose the guarantee for damages.

Tips for traveling with infants

Baby carrier backpack

The shopping is fantastic drink but not always comfortable wear, there are tight spaces, stairs or high-traffic areas. For these sites better a baby carrier backpack that fits perfectly behind us, spreading your weight and speeding up our journey.

Inflatable cushion for babies

It is vital to go with children and to adjust the car seats or table. Furthermore, as it is inflatable easy to transport. Such things help the child restraint on the chairs and chairs strange all precautions are few.

Small trash bags

Above all, if we go with children it is important to sachets to keep the trash. Obviously we can not throw in paper diapers and we must take them to specialized containers. They are also useful in beaches like ours Ibiza that many virgins and have nowhere to put garbage.

Emergency Neceser

In travel we spend much time without a bath and we need to have the basics for emergency situations. What is usually recommended is: toilet paper, bandages, nail clippers, wet towels, toothbrush, repellent mosquito and fresh colony.

In conclusion, we must not become obsessed. We can always buy everything we have said in the place we visited. But the costs will be much more expensive and may not have the models that we like. Traveling with children does not have to be complicated, but if we are to be better prepared.