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Traditional cuisine of Ibiza – Where to eat in Ibiza?

Traditional cuisine of Ibiza – Where to eat in Ibiza?

Even in paradise we have to eat, right? Ibiza offers a cuisine for all tastes and all nationalities.

The cuisine of Ibiza noted for its Mediterranean flavors with traditional orchard and some fish and very fresh seafood. But if what you like is meat in Ibiza is normal breeding “Porc Negre” with multiple sausages and stews, spicy sausage and spicy as normal are made.

Wines of Ibiza

Every good meal needs a good wine and so must try wines from Can Rich. These wineries organic farming are the most famous in Ibiza and offer sparkling white wines, red, sweet and besides herbal liqueur, flavored olive oil and Ibizan salts.

Red Gamba Ibiza

This sweet shrimp is usually taken frsca in fishing days and trendy restaurants serve it as carpaccio or ceviche. An exquisite dish that paves the way for the main courses.

Salad Crostes

Each house is different and our mothers compete to see who does it best. It consists of a salad that takes very toasted country bread, salted fish, tomatoes, garlic and oil.

The dessert Flaó

It is a very typical cheese tart in Ibiza. It is made from sheep or goat cheese and eggs combined with payeses and mint.

Ibizan herb liqueur

After each meal is usually a drink to digest better. It consists of an aniseed-flavored alcoholic base, which is flavored to taste with herbs from the island.

Café Caleta

It was tradition of fishermen in Ibiza in the months where it is colder, have a special coffee before heading out to sea. This coffee consists of rum, brandy, cinnamon, lemon, orange, honey and coffee beans. Most tourists do not usually try because visiting Ibiza in summer, but it is very tasty and strong.

Sweet Orelletes

This sweet is typical of the houses in Ibiza and owes its name to the contour of an ear. In each house of the island is cooked different, but it is a tradition that dates back to antiquity.

Bread with aioli

The aioli Ibiza is like going to Fancia and not seeing the Eiffel Tower. Think its flavor is unique, because it is made with olive oil, garlic and salt on the island. It is normal sting a bit before eating a toast.

Traditional cuisine of Ibiza - Where to eat in Ibiza?

Where to eat in Ibiza?

It is common for most modern restaurants are in the port of Ibiza. You can taste typical dishes and signature on the many terraces of the port. Although you may know not the dishes, I invite you to experience new flavors.

If you are looking good and great meat dishes we recommend “Ca’s Pagès”. To eat tapas we can do it in “The sardine Loca” or “Destination”. Or if you prefer you can try local food “Es Caliu” “Can Tixedo” or “Can Caus”.